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“When God called me to pastor in the Northeast people told me it was the “graveyard for evangelism” but we serve a God who’s known for resurrecting dead things! He revitalized our church and we believe He wants to revitalize yours too! Our vision is to build churches for Christ throughout the Northeast and beyond. That is why we launched the Revitalize Conference. We look forward to serving you!”

There are places in the Northeast where the Evangelical population is so small they are considered an unreached people group! While these numbers aren’t encouraging,they are exciting! They are exciting because we have an opportunity to shine the lightof Christ into these dark times. It is exciting because the local church is guaranteed to win, and all we have to do is go out into the battle.

Jesus said that He would “build His church” and that, “the forces of hell will not overpower it. He said that, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. (Matt. 16:18-19)

Cultural Christianity may be dead but the church of Jesus Christ will never die! The time for Revitalization is now! The “forces of hell” cannot stop us, so it’s time that we re-engage with our community with the Gospel for God’s glory. Jesus will build His church. The only question is whether we’re willing to be a part of that. Are you willing to say “Here am I, Lord. Send me”, to help revitalize lives, homes, churches and communities? I hope and pray that you are.

Pastor Mike Rubino

Workshop Tracks


Church revitalization starts with the Pastor and staff. This track will equip pastors to lead their church’s revitalization efforts. There will be practical training on re-engaging with mission and vision. We will also prepare you for the emotional challenges that face both you and your family as you lead change and so much more…


Team leaders play an important role in the revitalization process. This track will equip your church leaders with the skills necessary to support church revitalization efforts. It will deal with practical issues such as ministry alignment, volunteer recruitment and retention, and much more…


Each and every Christian has been given spiritual gifts for the building up of the body of Christ. This track will help your team members identify what those gifts are and train them how to use them effectively. There will be practical training on engaging in evangelism and discipleship and so much more…


  • My name is Eric Lewis, and I serve as an Elder at Harvest Church International in Jamaica, New York; where Michael E. Turpin is the Senior Pastor. On May 18th and May 19th 2018 I had the opportunity of attending a conference called “Revitalize.” The conference had world-renowned speakers who were experts in the areas of church planting, church health, and leadership development. It was great to see pastors from all over Long Island and the Northeast come together to be refreshed and just be students for two days. If you are a pastor, leader, active church member or someone with a heart for the local church I strongly suggest that you attend Revitalize 2019. Why? Because you will be inspired, equipped, and challenged all at an affordable price. However, the most important thing is you will experience God here.

    – Eric Lewis, Harvest Church

  • This was my first time attending the Revitalize Conference and it was phenomenal. From the moment I arrived people were there to guide me and answer any questions that I had. The workshops were engaging and spot on to what I am facing in life and ministry. Each facilitator cared about the content and the people in the room. The schedule was great; I didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. The main session speakers were amazing. On top of all of that, there were so many incredible resources given away. I left the Revitalization Conference feeling empowered and encouraged. The price is great. The people are great. I am looking forward to next year! If you are a Christ-follower and want to grow as you live on mission and fulfill the call God has placed on your life, you need to attend the Revitalization Conference. You won’t regret it!”

    – Pastor Keith Indovino, Truth Community Church